Commission Terms of Service

By commissioning me, you agree to the terms and conditions listed on this page.


-Commission Form MUST be completed and submitted. I will not accept work any other way; this is to keep as organized as possible and make sure no one gets overlooked. Please note that this is not an immediate approval of the job; I will notify you if your proposal has been approved.

-Please let me know if there is a deadline the work must be completed by.

-You are purchasing a DIGITAL FILE ONLY, not a physically printed one.

-Complexity of the art will raise the price: more characters, detailed armor, props, wings, tattoos, backgrounds, multiple revisions, etc. This is at my discretion due to how much extra time it will take to draw.

-You will be contacted in 4 steps:

1) confirmation of commission & payment

2) sketch approval

3) flat color approval

4) final piece sent to you at full resolution, as well as a watermarked, low-res version to use when posting online

-I have the right to refuse or cancel any commission for any reason including (but not limited to): uncooperative behavior or disrespect from the client, lack of communication or payment, subject matter of the art, personal issues such as sickness, etc.


-Payment is required up front after your proposal has been approved.

-If you have not paid within 72 hours of commission approval, I will cancel your request. Repeat instances of this will result in you being blacklisted, and I will not accept work from you in the future.


Refund Policy:

-100% refund is available as long as I have not started work on your piece. The only other circumstance in which I will refund 100% is if I cannot complete the work due to personal reasons.

-If the sketch is approved and you need to cancel, I will refund 50% of the price.

-There are NO REFUNDS after you approve the flat color check-in.

-If you cancel, you will be blacklisted and I will not accept work from you in the future. 


Copyright Info:

-All commissions are for personal use only unless otherwise negotiated. If you are interested in artwork for commercial use, please contact me and we can work out a contract and licensing fee.

-I retain 100% of the rights to the commissioned artwork, and am allowed to use it to promote myself, for example posting to my social media, my portfolio, and future commission examples. If you do not wish me to post your piece, please let me know when placing your order so I can keep it private.

-You are required to give me credit when using/posting your commissioned piece publicly. You can post the low-resolution, watermarked artwork on your social media and tag/link back to any of my accounts.

-You are NOT allowed to remove my signature, watermark, or otherwise modify the art in any way, or reproduce or distribute my work for profit unless aforementioned commercial contract has been signed and the licensing fee has been paid in full.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

If you would like to submit a commission, please fill out this form.